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Defender Challenge Rally Kit

Bowler designed and manufactured upgrades for your Defender 90 and 110

Defender Challenge Rally Kit


Price for export excluding VAT and delivery £19350

Kit Includes:

  • Bowler Motorsport 16” Wheels (set of 5) and Cooper S/T Maxx 245/75 R16 tyres
  • Bowler Motorsport stage 1 engine tune – 170hp and 450Nm
  • Full MSA approved roll cage & brackets
  • Bowler rally front bumper, steering guard, towing eyes and sill protectors
  • 2 x Lazer Lamps ST4
  • Electrical kit including rally loom and repositioned fuse box
  • Bowler Defender Challenge graphics package
  • Lightweight racing seats and Bowler 6 point harnesses (inc. mounts)
  • Intercom system (Peltor) and TerraTrip
  • Plumbed in and hand held fire extinguisher system
  • Bowler rally suspension kit (inc. springs, dampers, ARBs, bushes, brackets, etc)
  • Bowler rally door card and window conversion kit
  • Bowler Motorsport rally gearbox mounts
  • Bowler Motorsport quick ratio steering box
  • Rally Momo steering wheel, boss and Bowler Motorsport Gear Lever Kit
  • Bowler Motorsport rally mud flaps and mounting brackets
  • Bowler Motorsport 3” race exhaust system
  • Rally safety kit (SOS board, spilt kit, seat belt cutter, etc)

Options (at additional cost)

  • Bowler / Alcon uprated brake system – front and rear – £3500 ex. VAT
  • Stage 2 Bowler engine upgrade, Rally intercooler, Hybrid Turbo and Stage 2 Map – 195hp and 515Nm – £3300 ex. VAT
  • FIA Roll Cage Modification and Certificate – £250 ex. VAT

Please get in touch to discuss options or your specific requirements.